Ocean Ecopark

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Deep Seawater based sustainable industrial park

A Deep Seawater (DSW) Ecopark is an industrial park with high-tech production and research facilities with a sustainable character based on the availability of Deep Seawater.

Deep Seawater resources can be utilized for cooling, electricity production, agriculture an aquaculture among other technologies. Ecoparks are designed with local conditions in mind and to make use of valuable synergies between all possible technologies. Synergies ensure maximum productivity and efficiency of the Ecopark’s systems.  The Ecopark concept is an ideal economic driver for small tropical islands, contributing to job production, increased exports and more efficient energy and water consumption and generation options.

Having  a positive impact on the environment, the aim of the Ecopark is to create economic growth, stimulate local industries and educate the public about the opportunities that renewable technologies offer.

In this project we are involved in the urban and architectural design in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team.